I come from the stars
Snapping away my heart
I love the gay
Yao I flashed
The snake I the who
His adventure novel

「I come from the stars」series:

Metallic hasn't been out of fashion,
Is the feeling of color and luster of the dazzling it grabbed the key that the person finds everything new and fresh.
Shining color always during the winter,
Especially with the feeling of the BlingBling,
To the people.
Using metal shiny color,
Even if together with ordinary texture of clothing,
Also can foil a good temperament,
The shiny elements enough to prove that autumn/winter must find something different,
From the high-profile win.

「Snapping away my heart」series:

Differences and similarities of wild and human nature,
It is so match,
Play under the skin of the pure persistence,
Haggard shake rule,
The earthquake struck.
Crocodile texture of leather is the most direct expression of luxury material selection,
Crocodile skin texture and the perfect combination of arts and crafts is an expression of low-key luxury.
Light of luxury with the harmonious idea of environmental protection,
And overturned previous fashion inspiration.
This season, the series will be combined with an efficient suits and fashion
Strong build light ripe female.

「I love the gay」series:

wild life is strong,
Inside but full of disperse not to drop the night alone.
The night sky is untouchable beautiful temptation,
There is a strong phantom of the opera,
In an eyelid demagogic.
Designers will love of melt into the texture,
With gentle outline of smooth wind Angle.
Using hard and soft and tree paste material,
Type will be developed to the extreme.
Carrying on this series of handbags,
Unknowingly become a focus of people.

「Yao I flashed」series:

in the cycle of light and shade,
Bright and dark alternately,
Like a shadow hovered between light and dark.
This series of designer will shine with deep black,
Make a wild visual impact.
With special decoration material cutting out diamond shape foil elevation effects,
To add to the bright light of the metal color.
This article adopts the smooth oil wax skin combined with a golden flash chip,
The soft and hard interweave,
Consumers get an electric shock of heart feeling.

「The snake I the who」series:

dedicated endless resources not only to the human nature,
Also provides a steady stream of inspiration for designers.
Stylist blends of this one season wild beautiful leopard and personality serpentine,
As if to declare a bm champions,
In the land of the king.
Bold and unrestrained primitive animals pattern show along with the gender of the beauty of freedom,
Its use in fashion handbags,
Deduce the ever-changing, sexy, domineering, modern, humorous.

「His adventure novel」series:

this winter serpentine,
Decorating bag designers use serpentine.
Abandoned their natural color,
And put on other relatively modest background,
To soften its wild temperament.
Serpentine through flat smooth buffalo hide stretch at the bottom of the climbing of the bags to the wrist,
Sending out the deadly sexy and wild charm,
Let the leng yan serpentine unreal thick woman flavour.